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Gil Jacobs’ Foundational Contribution to Colon Hydrotherapy and the Approach at Vitality NYC


Colon hydrotherapy is associated with a wide range of health benefits that include allergy relief, clear skin, and a flat stomach, among many others. Colon hydrotherapy is generally offered as a detoxification treatment by alternative and natural medicine practitioners due to the way it can positively affect the chemistry of the body by rapidly clearing waste and toxins that can otherwise build up and trigger a number of health and medical problems. 

In recent years, colonic hydrotherapy has grown in popularity thanks to industry leaders such as Gil Jacobs who has revolutionized the social acceptance of colon cleansing in the world of self care. Gil has played a foundational role in helping Vitality NYC build its approach and heighten awareness surrounding the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

Gil Jacobs and Colonics

Gil Jacobs may be over the age of 60 but is often complimented on his youthful-looking appearance and high energy that make him seem at least 20 years younger than his chronological age. Gil credits his good health and youth to decades of colon cleansing, raw vegetable juicing, and infrared saunas. Known in his industry as the “godfather of colonics,” Gil developed a raw food diet and detox regimen shortly after experiencing a serious health scare in his 20s. Through years of applying the practices he promotes he is walking proof that his philosophies work and have a powerful impact on health and vitality.

Gil Jacobs and His Connection to Vitality NYC

Vitality NYC was founded by Michael Perrine—a detoxification consultant, certified colon hydrotherapist, certified holistic health counselor, and former natural foods chef. During his younger years, he relied on alcohol, cigarettes, and unhealthy processed foods to self-medicate an anxiety disorder. This pattern quickly led to an extremely toxic, broken down and overweight body. Luckily at the age of 19, he was inspired by reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X and experienced what he describes as an eye-opening, spiritual awakening. From that point forward, Michael became devoted to improving his health through an organic, vegan diet, fasting, yoga, and detoxification practices in the form of gravity colon hydrotherapy, deep sweating and cold immersion. What followed was a lengthy detoxification process and foundation for a lifelong career in holistic health.

A few years after making these major changes in his lifestyle he met Gil and received his first ever colonic. Over the course of 18 years he was a client, then an employee, then a business partner and now long time friend and colleague to Gil. Today, Michael operates his own nutritional detox studio in Midtown Manhattan—Vitality NYC—and has performed more than 22,000 colonic irrigations. Michael attributes the influence and wisdom of Gil as a large portion of the success and reputation of Vitality NYC. 

How Are Gravity Colonics Different from Traditional Colonics?

Gravity colon hydrotherapy can help us achieve optimal vitality by eliminating accumulated waste and toxicity that may be contributing to illness, disease, and lethargy. Gravity colonics utilize the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body, rather than machine methods that unnaturally push water into the colon. With the attention of the Gravity therapist, waste is encouraged to leave the body with ease creating the most comfortable and effective session possible. Gravity colonics can effectively reverse constipation, eliminate bloating, and reduce inflammation improving overall gut health. Gravity colonics are also used to create a flatter stomach, youthful glowing skin, and relief from seasonal, food, and pet allergies.


Vitality NYC also offers cryotherapy and infrared saunas in addition to gravity colon hydrotherapy. Book your first colonic treatment with Vitality NYC today and receive a special discounted introductory rate, or call us at 646-859-1047 to ask questions and learn more about our therapeutic services.

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