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Restore Your Health with a Vitality Broom Cleanse


The average American doesn’t consume as many fruits, vegetables, and other fibrous foods as we should. Unfortunately, western diets are a major cause of buildup in the colon resulting in bloating, constipation, allergies and skin issues. At Vitality NYC, we’ve designed a program to help relieve these symptoms, and its cause – the Vitality Broom Cleanse.

As the name suggests, the Vitality Broom Cleanse works by sweeping your system of built-up waste. Followed by a gravity colonic to properly eliminate toxins and chemicals from your system, the Vitality Broom Cleanse supplies your body with the hydration, enzymes and fiber needed to “sweep away” built up waste in the colon. Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know:

The Broom Cleanse at Vitality NYC

Gut health is extremely important to our overall health. In fact, your gut determines how effectively nutrients and vitamins are absorbed, as well as how efficiently the body eliminates waste. 

Fiber is what makes a whole food, plant-based diet so powerful. If we look at a chart of digestive anatomy, it’s easy to understand that a double fudge ice cream sundae does not simply go in one end and completely exit on the other. The digestive system is not designed for that type of traffic; it is designed for fiber consumption. The combination of soluble and insoluble fiber creates the ideal broom to sweep wastes away from our intestines, feed the microbiome and exit quickly, leaving no trace. The Vitality Broom Cleanse carefully selects the “All Stars” of the plant fiber world. 

Completing the Colon Cleanse Process

While the broom cleanse helps promote an ongoing healthy lifestyle where your gut is concerned, you may need a helping hand in clearing out the clutter in your colon. Once the colon is backed up, it becomes difficult to pass everything inside. Many of our traditional meals leave residue in the intestines. Particularly heavy animal foods like dairy products and fatty meat as well as processed food. Gravity colon hydrotherapy can correct this. Our systems have the reputation for being the most comfortable and effective method possible. Using the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body the therapist can exercise the body’s natural muscular rhythm to release waste.

Call Vitality NYC Today for Your Broom Cleanse

If you live in NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Bronx, we invite you to contact us for more information on the broom cleanse. Our team is specially trained both through a certificate program and in-house training on all our colon cleansing procedures. We take great care to maintain client comfort and are discreet with such a sensitive subject.

No two colons are the same, which is why working one on one with Vitality NYC can provide the perfect treatment option for you. Call 1-646-760-5122 to book your Vitality Broom Cleanse and colonic today.



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